Al Kauthar Islamic University Islamabad Admission

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It is an start magic formula that the increase and tumble of human civilization is reveal with the advancement and development in education. The fantastic ages of Islamic history and the provide day miserable situation of the Muslims is a manifest case of this very fact.
It is very remarkable that in the course of the heights of Muslim superiority in science and education, the western world was transferring by way of dark ages. On the other hand, the problem at current is completely reverse. The Muslims are left far-behind in science and technology, and have shut down the doors of research and inquiry, which has designed backwardness, intolerance, extremism and narrow mindedness in the Muslim societies.

Al Kauthar Islamic University Admission 2020

Admission Process

  • Students would be given entrance purely on merit. There is no quota system and no enjoyment would be offered at any cost.
  • A applicant would be admitted only at the beginning of the academics year.
  • A applicant searching for admission at Al Kauthar must have exceeded basic spiritual courses from a identified institution, aside from receiving good marks in entry test and interview.
  • If any one is granted admission, not having the over conditions, the administration has the right to eliminate his admission.
  • Any student searching for admission after the commence of the academics year, even flourishing in entry test/interview, would not be interested.
  • Students would not be permitted during their studies at the Al Kauthar to take instruction or indulge in any alternative activity in other informative/technical institution.
  • The father/guardian of a student would provide in writing that his ward would proceed his training till the conclusion of his studies.
  • The applicant would apply on a approved form with photocopy of his father/guardian or his unique ID cards and 5 passport size current photos.

Instruction for Admission

  • It is customary to each student has the spiritual responsibility that he should abide the Islamic, social and moral attitudes at the Al Kauthar.
  • A student is not permitted to work together with any personnel of the Al Kauthar Islamic University. He should speak to the involved IN charge for any problem experienced.
  • Every student has to comply with rules and legislation prescribed by the management of the Al Kauthar Islamic University.
  • Every student would wear homogeneous within the University premises.
  • No student would be permitted to change the room once designated. However, IN charge/warden can change the room maintaining in perspective the administration/lodging problem.
  • Every student is required to keep his room and belonging neat and clean.
  • It is the obligations of all people to secure the University assets; hence nobody is permitted to use everything not having prior permission.
  • Guests are not permitted in the hostels.
  • Important guests, with prior authorization, can be met only in described room.
  • Nobody is permitted gatherings and phone number calls during the lessons.


  • Faculty of Quranic Sciences
  • Faculty of Hadeeth
  • Faculty of Islamic Kalam
  • Faculty of Al-Sharia’ (Fiqh) Wa Usool-e-Fiqh
  • Faculty of Philosophy
  • I.T. Department
  • English Department

Doctoral/Ijtihad [Mutajazzi] Phase:

It would be the serious campaign to generate features of higher research and training for the students, and every efforts would be created to accomplish/give possibilities to the students who need to exceed in one of the fields of specialization as scholars.
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Founded: 2002
Type: Islamic University

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