Best Courses After Matric For Students

Best Courses After Matric For Students

A Student gets attack by lots of questions after he/she complete their matriculation Or after the exams of matric. One of the major questions they get in their minds is that, what should they do or What are Best Courses After Matric. Here in this Article, students will get all the information they need to decide which subject they want to choose, or which Subjects they have to put on their to-do list. There are different diplomas and courses nowadays that a student can choose easily from.

Best Courses After Matric – What Should I Do After Matric?

After matriculation, the education is divided into many courses and diplomas. It is up to the student to choose his/her subjects according to his desire. Students can either select intermediate courses or Technical Diplomas which after completion; they get certified, for example, technician Diploma. The Compulsory subject for intermediate Subjects i-e FSC, F.A, ICS, ICOM is Urdu, English, Islamiat, and Pakistan Studies. Although each course has a variety of different subjects in it. FSC is divided into two different branches commonly known as Pre Engineering and Pre Medical. Those students who are likely to become an Engineer are usually the one’s which choose FSC (Pre Eng) and those students who want to become a doctor in the future choose FSC (Pre Med). Same goes with the diplomas, the students who have a technical mind usually choose a technology college to study diplomas.

Intermediate Courses After Matric in Pakistan:

Intermediate courses are as follow:

  • FSC
  • FA
  • ICS
  • ICOM

The Students are Likely to choose the courses according to their Fruitful Desire or need. The compulsory subjects are:

  • Urdu
  • English
  • Pak Study
  • Islamiat

Intermediate in Science:

  • FSC Pre Eng
  • FSC Pre Medical

If a student wants to go into Intermediate Science field then he/she will have to select whether they want to Choose Pre Medical or Pre Engineering. Pre medical involves Biology, Chemistry, Physics whereas Pre Engineering includes Maths, Physics, and Chemistry.
Intermediate in Computer Science:

  • ICS Physics
  • ICS Stats

Moving further those students who want to go into a computer field select ICS. ICS also has two Branches one is ICS Physics and other Statistics. Those students which go with physics have a number of Courses including Maths, Physics, and Computer, While for the ones that are more efficient in Statistics they get to study Maths, Stats and Computer.
Intermediate in Arts (F.A):

  • ICOM
  • ICS (Stats)
  • Humanities
  • General Science

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Intermediate in Commerce:
Part 1 Includes Accounting, Economics, Commerce and Business Math’s
Part 2 Includes Accounting, Geography, Banking/Computer Science, and Statistics

Medical Courses after Matric in Pakistan:

Those students who want to save peoples life and make a life worth living for always choose medical Fields. The Medical course include a variety of diplomas that are offered by different colleges in Pakistan. The Students engage themselves in the field of dentist, Medical, Nursing etc Subjects and study according to their perspective.

Dentistry Massage Therapy
Eye Technician Nursing
Female Medical Technician Nutrition
Dental Assistant Orthoptic
Cardiology Pharmacy technician
Anesthesiology Community Midwifery
Accident and Emergency Anesthesia Assistant
Clinical Assistant Dental Surgeon Assistant
Diet Advisor Health
Nutrition Advisor E.C.G Technician

Technical Courses after Matric in Pakistan:
Pakistan Is filled with technical Minds. The teenagers who are more active in Technical activities like electrical, Mechanics, and Civil Technology etc are more likely to select technical Course. Government of Pakistan has also provided various institutions that are currently Studying technician courses.

Cooking and Baking Auto Servicing
Civil Technology Biomedical Technician
Cabinet making Carpenter
Automation Civil surveyor
Beautician Bulldozer Operator
Auto And Farm Cutting and Sewing
Auto and Diesel Glass and Ceramics
 Architectural Drafting Hardware
Automobile Handicraft
Basic Electronics Mill Wright

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