EELU Admission

EELU Admission

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About EELU

In September 2005, the Ministry of Higher Education organized a initial study for commencing the venture of the EELU, subsequently a feasibility study was formulated. These studies were offered to the Board of the Education Development Fund and then to the Cabinet. Eventually, the Egyptian Government written an initial authorization to commence and carry out the EELU project.

EELU Faculties

  • Faculty of Business Admisnistration
  • Faculty of Computer and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Education Studies

EELU Admissions

EELU Admission for MBA

Continuous Education and Training Programs

EELU offers specialized ongoing education and training courses into the community by offering high quality informative possibilities for students of all ages to increase their specialized certificates and encourage their professions.

EELU Programs Structure



Eslsca MIBA is consisting of 48 academic credits. Moreover, students are envisioned to tackle a considerable project bearing 6 academics credits. On our semester system, students comprehensive these degree conditions within 18 months: 4 semesters of course¬work. The ESLSCA MIBA programs has 3 main factors:

1. The MIBA core involves the foundation programs in the important functional locations of business. It permits students to acquire solid an¬alytical capabilities. Students also identify collaborative work abilities, team building abilities and obtain an comprehending of the international marketplace.

2. In combination with a solid academic coursework, all students are essential to carry out one Masters Degree project. Our MIBA allows students the flexibility to select from various selections based on their specialized and individual interests.

3- The program gives students who motivation to specialize, the choice to select one specialized study track: Global Finance, Global Marketing or Global Management.

EELU Admission Policies

• The EELU admits students with Thanaweya Amma (Egyptian High School Certificate) or the comparative, in accordance to what the University Council ascertains and in accordance to the legislation and charters of the Supreme Council of Non-public Universities in this headache.

• The EELU admits egyptian and international university graduates in the postgraduate programs and ongoing education relating to what the University Council ascertains.

• Students who are documented in an additional egyptian or international university can be transmitted to the EELU relating to the circumstances of the University and they will be exempt from the programs they learnt ahead of or part of them relating to what the University Council determines.

• It is not a trained that students shall be accepted in the EELU in the exact year of acquiring Thanaweya Amma (Egyptian High School Certificate) or the comparative but he/she can enroll any year after accomplishing a high school certificate or the comparative if he/she meets the circumstances the University Council establishes.

• The EELU admits graduates of Technical schools and institutions after transferring some exams and relating to the circumstances that the University Council determines.

The EELU admits part-time students who have inside authorization from their work corporations/employers to study at the EELUnot having adherence to their High School graduation year or grade, in compliance to the rules identified by the University Council.

EELU Internal Transfer:

• A student who is documented in one of the EELU Faculties may exchange to a further faculty within the University; he/she shall pay a exchange fee identified by the University Council offered that he/she shall meet the acclaim circumstances regulated in the faculty he/she intends to exchange to.

• It needs the authorization of the EELU Council after consultation with the supposed Faculty Councils. Such transfer conditions, students are exempt from excellently finished programs and comparative courses within the faculty they aim to exchange to.

• An inside transfer obtain form must be authorised by the Admission and Enrollment office before the Dean of Faculties approves the transfer from and to.

EELU Enrollment Transfer:

•The EELU allows the student transfer from alternative universities indoors or outside Egypt relating to the legislation identified by the University Council without inconsistant with the rules of the Non-public Universities Council.

•Students sacked devoid of disciplinary hearings either from military colleges or the police academy, may be recognised in the EELU, offered that a student shall have at minimum grade essential by the university, sometimes in the dismissing year or in his/her High School graduation year, whatever one is additional relevant for the student.

EELU Scholarships

The EELU funds scholarships for students acquiring Thanaweya Amma (Egyptian High School Certificate) or the comparative certificates, 20% fee diminishment for students who accomplished 95% or over and 10% fee diminishment for students who accomplished 90% up to 95%.

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