GC University Lahore Admission 2021 Last date, Fee Structure

GC University Lahore Admission 2021 Last date, Fee Structure

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Government College University Lahore will take pleasure in becoming the earliest educational institution of higher education in Pakistan. GC University Lahore admission section was founded in 1864, it planned at offering liberal education to the youngsters of the Subcontinent regardless of caste, color or creed. Ever considering its inception, our academia has stored pace with the transforming trends of the world.
GC University Lahore Admission
Our main Focus is to provide the details for various elements of GC University Lahore. The users are directed to keep with the post till end and visualize all the information on a proper basis. This will not only work to enhance and acknowledge the possibilities but will also make our user to navigate in the proper direction in all sorts.
Moving on towards the real discussion, our team will focus on these keywords which are written for you down below:

  • Fee Structure
  • Address
  • Merit List
  • Application Form
  • Apply Online
  • Grading System
  • Programs

Nonetheless, we will also include step by step guides for entry test examination and other information which are needed on various points to help students.

When will be GC University Lahore 2021 Entry Test? GCU Lahore Admission 2021-22

This university has given its last date to apply for MBA and Applied Management (B.Sc Hons) which is 20th July 2021. GCUMAT date is 21st July 2021. So the thing is that candidates will have to be very specific and managing their schedule in the above mentioned time. GCU entry test dates will be announced the after the Submission of or applying. BS Hons (In any Department) the last date for admission is 2nd August 2021. Applicant should pack their stuff and make ready all the documentation which is necessary to get admitted in the sector.
Important 2021 Fall Admission BSc Electrical Engineering

  • Admission Start from SEP 19
  • Last Date of Form Submission Sep 30

Important 2021 Fall Admission Date for Faculty of Science & Technology, Faculty of Arts & Social Science, Faculty of Language and Islamic & Oriental Learning

  •  Last Date of Form Submission Sep 29
  • Aptitude Test Sep 28
  • Drawing Test Sep 28
  • Display of Test Result Sep 30
  • Interview Octo 03
  • Final List Octo 04
Important 2021 Admission Date for BSCS
  • 9Start of Admission 10-07-2021
  • Closing Date 02-08-2021
  • Entry Test 12-08-2021
  • Result Declaration 31-08-2021

Important 2021 Admission MA/MS in Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, History, Political Science, Statistic, Physical
Education, English Literature, ELT, Islamic Studies, Urdu, Psychology

  • Last Date of Form Submission August 10
  • Entry Test Venue New Block

GC University Lahore Admission, Departments:

Science and Technology:

  • Botany
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Mathematics
  • Microbiology
  • Physics
  • Electronics
  • Zoology

Arts & Social Sciences Languages:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Economics
  • Business Accounting & Finance
  • ESME Management
  • Banking & Financial Economics
  • BCom
  • Education
  • Fine ArtsGovernment College University Lahore
  • Geography
  • History
  • Law
  • Mass Communications
  • Management Studies
  • Philosophy & IDC
  • Physical Education
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Statistics

Languages, Islamic & Oriental Learning:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • Islamic Studies
  • Persian
  • Punjabi
  • Urdu

Faculty of Engineering:

  • Engineering (Electrical Engineering)

Schools and Centers:

  • Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences (ASSMS)
  • Centre for Advanced Studies in Physics (CASP)
  • Institute of Industrial Biotechnology (IIB)
  • National Center for Mathematics (NCM)
  • Sustainable Development Study Centre (SDSC)

GC University Lahore Admission 2021 Last date to Apply, Eligibility for BS, MS

Intermediate Admissions:

  • Only those applicants who have exceeded their Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination in the 2nd Annual 2019 and an Annual 2021 with at least 60% marks will be entitled to apply for admission.
  • Candidates who have exceeded SSC (Tech) shall not be entitled to induction.
  • The applicants must not be above 18 years of age on the last date of the invoice of applications.
  • Only entitled applicants will be named for an interview on dates mentioned in the list of the applicants entitled for induction.
  • Those who have exceeded O-Level/ equivalent not from a Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan will be presented induction on the foundation of their operation in O Level/ equivalent examination and the merit of such applicants will be identified within themselves after transforming their grades of O’Level/equivalent in accordance with the subsequent formula:

Conversion Formula of O’ Level / equivalent grades.

  • A= 85 marks A = 75 marks
  • B = 63 marks C = 53 marks
  • D = 40 marks E = 33 marks

Only those applicants will be entitled to admission who have exceeded the subsequent subjects in accessory to any other 3 subjects.

  • Pak Studies
  • Islamiyat
  • Urdu

Marks will be computed for 8 subjects, including English, Pak Studies, Islamiyat
Admission on the groundwork of O-Level / equivalent will be made provisionally after the assertion of the result of those applicants who have exceeded O Level/ comparative examination in the years of induction. Distinct advertisements will seem in the National News Papers appealing application forms from such applicants. They shall not submit application forms coupled with the other applicants applying on the basis of their Board’s Matriculation results.
The induction on O’Level/equivalent basis will be verified after the Submission of Equivalence Certificate provided from the office of: “Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC)”.

Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions:

GC University Lahore Admission Requirements:

Entrance will be stringently on merit which shall be motivated on the basis of complete marks and interview.

  • The candidate (Male/Female) applying for induction to BA/BSc (Hons) 4-years programme must have exceeded his/her HSSC in First Annual Examination of the year of entrance or in the previous year of admission, with at least 50% Marks.
  • The applicants for entrance to BA/BSc (Hons) will be interviewed on the dates notified, and the applicants who keep on being absent will have no lay claim to an entrance , regardless of the marks they have attained in the HSSC Examination.
  • The maximum age limit for an applicant seeking entrance to BA/BSc (Hons) is twenty-two (22) years.
  • Applicants who select English Literature as their significant subject have to seem in an English Proficiency Test. If they don’t succeed to report the essential marks, they have to pick some other subject as their major, on the affliction that they do not fall short of the merit.
  • For BSc(Hons) in Physics/ Mathematics/ Statistics/ BS(CS), the applicant must have exceeded his/her HSSC Examination with Mathematics from any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education securing at least 50% marks.
  • Diploma holders DAE/D. Com is not entitled to apply for entrance to BA/BSc 4-Year (Hons) Programme apart from BSc(Hons) in Electronics provided by the department of Physics.
  • An applicant who exceeded ICom will be entitled to entrance to BA/BSc 4-year (Hons. ) programme in only those subjects which are permitted by the involved department.


The students who search for entrance on the basis of A-Level should also affix their result with the application form. They will have to post also equivalence certificate. They must have exceeded their A-Level Examination in at minimum 3 subjects. They will be offered entrance on the basis of their overall performance in A-Level/Equivalent Examinations and the merit of such applicants is identified amongst them after transforming their grades of A-Level/ Equivalent in accordance with the subsequent formula:

  • A=85
  • A = 75
  • B = 63
  • C = 53
  • D = 40
  • E = 33

Punjab University Lahore

PIEAS University

AIOU Fee Structure

GC University Lahore Fee Structure 2021 for BS, MS, MBA

According to the policy of this institution, candidates will have to pay the dues / fees immediately after they are notified about the approval of Admission. Treasurer’s office will notify all the dates within the Dues are to be paid otherwise the admission will negated immediately. Incase fee Challan form is misplaced by the applicant, he or she will have to pay a fine of 50 Rupees in order to regain agility.
In case the students exceeds the specified dates and does not pays his or her bills he will be fined 500 Rupees with 10 Days, 2000 rupees after 10 days, and 5000 rupees after 1 month.
Below mentioned is a complete table which accurately shows the dues for Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs:

Degree 1st Installment 2nd installment
BA English Literature (Hons) 31,000 21,000
BA History (Hons) 31,000 21,000
BA Islamic Studies (Hons) 31,000 21,000
BA Persian (Hons) 31,000 21,000
BA Philosophy (Hons) 31,000 21,000
BA Political Sciences (Hons) 31,000 21,000
BA Punjabi (Hons) 31,000 21,000
BA Urdu (Hons) 31,000 21,000
BA Fine Art (BFA) 31,000 21,000
BSc Botany (Hons) 37,000 22,000
BSc Chemistry (Hons) 37,000 22,000
BSc Economics (Hons) 37,000 22,000
BSc Geography (Hons) 37,000 22,000
BS.c Mathematics (Hons) 37,000 22,000
BS.c Physics (Hons) 37,000 22,000
BS.c Psychology (Hons) 37,000 22,000
BS.c Statistics (Hons) 37,000 22,000
BSc Zoology (Hons) 37,000 22,000
BSc Business Accounting & Finance (Hons) 37,000 22,000
BSc Micro Biology (Hons) 56,000 38,000
BSc Bio-Technology (Hons) 56,000 38,000
BS.c Environmental Sciences (Hons) 56,000 38,000
BSc Electronics (Hons) 56,000 38,000
MS.c Physical Education 32,000 20,000
PhD (Arts & Social Sciences) 58,000 33,000
PhD (Science & Technology) 58,000 33,000

A complete List of Table is also given for the students who are getting admission on Self Supporting Financial Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programs:

Degree 1st Installment 2nd Installment
BSc in Applied Management 77,000 60,000
BS Computer Science (Morning) 69,000 49,000
BS Computer Science (Evening) 75,000 53,000
BSc Electrical Engineering 77,600 55,000
B.Com (Hons) 40,000 26,000
MA (English, History, Political Science, Islamic studies, Urdu & ELT) 38,500 27,000
MSc (Psychology, Statistics, Mathematics, Chemistry & Botany) 44,500 32,000
MBA 113,500 105,000
MBA (Executive) 96,000 100,000
M.Phil (Arts, Social Sciences) 55,000 38,000
M.Phil (Science & Technology) 55,500 40,000
M.Phil in Applied Physics 35,000 20,000
MS Computer Science 90,600 60,000
MS Electrical Engineering 67,300 55,000
M.S Banking & Financial Economics 50,000 40,000
M.S Entrepreneurship and SME Management 50,000 40,000
M.S Industrial / Organizational Psychology 72,000 55,000
MS Clinical Psychology 76,600 60,000
MS Forensic Chemistry 55,500 40,000
M.S Pharmaceutical Chemistry 55,500 40,000
M.S Geography 56,700 38,000
M.S in Child Guidance 50,000 40,000
MS in Clinical Psychology 65,400 50,000
Phd in Computer Science 95,000 65,000
PGD in ELT 37,000 29,000
Diploma in Pakistan Affairs 18,000 15,000
Diploma in Child Guidance 30,000 25,000
Diploma in PGD in Child and Adult Psychotherapy 63,700 54,000
Diploma in Forensic Sciences 54,500 44,500
Certificate in Forensic Science 49,500
Certificate in Practitioners in NLP 26,500

These were the GC University Lahore Fee Structure 2021 details. You can easily see the self-supporting table and regular table for information gathering about the GCU Lahore Fee Structure 2021.

GC University Lahore Programs

The Category is divided into three main fields for GCU Lahore Programs. The first one is undergraduate, second is Post graduate and third one is doctorate program and M.Phil programs. For a quick peak our team focuses on the main evaluation of programs which are mostly studied by the students.
Grabbing a quick peak will navigate the chances of looking forward to choose the field which is accurate for the applicant and also for the ones who look to get admitted after their intermediate education. Undergraduate Degree programs include:

  • Bachelors or BA/BSc Hons 4 years
  • BSc Hons Applied Management
  • Hons in Computer Science (Bachelors)
  • BSc Electrical Engineering
  • 4-year B.Com Hons
  • Graphic Designing Hons

Allied Subjects include:

  • Science & Technology
  • Arts & Social Sciences
  • Language, Islamic & Oriental Learning
  • Applied Management

There are also diploma Courses which can be seen down below:

  • Diploma in Pakistan Affairs
  • Diploma in Forensic Science
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Child and Adult Psychotherapy

GC University Lahore Merit List:

Like many other institutions which are currently approving admissions on merit basis, this university also focuses on managing the fields with a proper merit system. Although merit list 2021 is still yet to be decided by the Administration department. This criteria date management is put on hold for the moment. When applications will be submitted on a proper curriculum in the administration office, they will be processed this will intimidate the fact and the workers in the admin office will come up with a date. On that particular date, Merit lists will then be opened and all the students will be able to get clearance along with instructions as well.

GC University Lahore Gat Test

GCU GAT Tests are already conducted by the examination for MS and MPhil. Faculty of Science and Technology along with faculty of Engineering test results are already available in the official website of this institution. Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences, Languages and Oriental Learning GAT results are also uploaded successfully on the main platform.
It is yet to be announced that Gat test will be conducted after the successful interpretation of admission Forms.

GC University Lahore BS HONS Advertisement

GC University Lahore Application Form

To download the application form for GCU Lahore for the purpose of admittance, all you have to do is click on the link provided down below:
By clicking on this link, the browser will take to another page which will contain all the application forms for each and every department programs served and proposed in this Educational Establishment. All you have to do is manage the resources and decide which one to download and fill out after the excretion or downloading of the form. These forms are to be submitted in the administration office of GCU. If the form is not filled properly the chances are that, candidates case will not be put under procession.

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GC University Lahore Apply Online

To apply online, the candidate must have an internet connection to perform and a durable machine to work or in other words a fine laptop or system to operate.
Step by Step Guide:

  1. First of all you have to be connected to internet and fast running browser.
  2. Go to the official Website of GCU Lahore for GCU Apply Online.
  3. Now you have to go the Admissions at GCU.
  4. By clicking on the tab. You will be redirected to another page which will contain different forms to download.
  5. This will be done only by downloading the form first and after things are done all you have to do is contact or submit the downloaded form after filling the details to the registrar’s office.

GCU Lahore Address

There will two addresses which will be provided. First one is the address and contact details and the other one is the official location or address of the Institution.
Registrars Address
GC University, Katchery Road, Lahore 54000
Phone: +92-42-99213340

Fax: +92-42-99213341
E-Mail: registrar@gcu.edu.pk
In this astonishing educational era each and every single person is negligible for upgrading his or her knowledge day by day through a proper bridge of working hard. Most of the people have resources and most do not have them. They are ought to be the ones who work their way through from the daily struggles and madness which are put in front by the miseries of life. Some people want to get their education from a very healthy source and work hard and effortlessly.

This is about the students who want to get admitted in one of the most known university of Pakistan which is established before the independence of Pakistan. Its roots are build up by the British raj and later on maintained by the government of the Pakistani Nation. Name of the institution is Government College University. This name is a huge brand in the education system of Pakistan. This institution is the source behind producing excellent scholars which are now increasing and polishing the name of the green nation in different countries.

Thanks for visiting our site which is compatible of Universities Admissions and details. We provide the best information about GC University Lahore Admission 2021.
Official Website: Government College University

Founded: 1864
Type: Public

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