Difference Between LLB 3 years and LLB 5 Years

Difference Between LLB 3 years and LLB 5 Years

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Since the birth of Mankind, criminal acts are visualized. These acts have grown to become more polished due to the trending phase of development of our Planet. This crime can be in the form of stealing, snatching, Killing and many other violations. On a Shorter note, according to recent studies, Crime is the violation of LAW made by the jury. The person who does this is called a criminal. People tend to overcome these crimes using the help of passing laws and protection provided by police. The administrators of Law, are called Lawyers. By studying this degree on the consent of becoming an anti-felony (Crime) a person adopts difference between LLB 3 years or LLB 5 years in his or her Educational Career. This approach towards the hatred of criminology arrives in the minds of those people who are strictly again violation of Rules and Regulations and become a Lawyer.

Difference Between LLB 3 years and LLB 5 years – How to become a Lawyer

LLB Stands for Bachelors of Law. This is an undergraduate degree and comes in two different Time duration categories. The degree is famously originated in the British Empire or England. In this degree, a student learns about the different prospects of investigating a crime and serving the country with better judgment towards right and wrong. LLB achievers are known as Lawyers. Time duration of this degree is either a 3 year or 5 year in Pakistan. A 5 year programs serves more knowledge on a steady pace as compared to a 3 year program. 3 year Program has a quicker way of ending things. 5 year program is an under graduate degree and the other one is a Post graduate. A proper Table will be provided and it will remove all the improper queries of a person for both these subjects. The Table Is Given Down below:

 Q: Which University is Best for LLB 3 Years? 

For the proposing of this degree, only one is the master of all the others. The name is provided down below:

Punjab University was established in 1868 and has over 1500 Students at the moment. The institute is located in Lahore. Affiliation of this Institute is with the University of Punjab and it is also affiliated with Higher Education Commission (HEC). It is serving many programs for under graduate, Post graduate students. The University also serves Diploma Programs in the means of Law.

 Q: Which University is Best for LLB 5 years? 

A time duration of this 5 years is long time. For continuation and getting enough entertain a good Institute is required for this program. The Name is written down below:

  • Quaid e Azam Law College Lahore

Quaid-e-Azam Law College was established in 1998 it has more than 1200 students which is a huge number. The establishment is located in Lahore and provides different law degrees for under and Post graduates.

 Q: Which is better LLB 3 year or 5 year? 

According to the best Law program, our team would suggest the 5 year program. LLB is better when it is more polished. The benefits are that students get a BA degree and a LLB degree both after the completion. The Syllabus is more covered in this duration and it makes more sense when the teaching pace is slower and steady.

Job Opportunities after LLB

A Law candidate get a lot of respectful jobs after the completion of this degree. The basic jobs are listed right below:

  • Lawyer
  • Civil Judge
  • Court Judge
  • Bureaucrat

These are the famous jobs after the completion of bachelors. Some of degree holders often go into Politics and other fields due to their skills.
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