Postgraduate Institute of English Admission

Postgraduate Institute of English Admission

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Postgraduate Institute of English (PGIE) Admission 2021, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Postgraduate Institute of English

About Postgraduate Institute of English (PGIE)

Post Graduate Institute of English (PGIE) – the only tertiary level institution accountable for the English language in Sri Lanka. The Post Graduate Institute of English (PGIE) is an institute structured at the Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) and like OUSL, contours to the Distance Education mode of teaching/studying. Presently the Postgraduate Institute of English conducts the only Master’s degree in Teaching English as a 2nd Language out there in Sri Lanka. The Post Graduate Institute of English (PGIE) also conducts programs in English as ongoing professional education, and workshops and short programs related to English and the teaching of English. Moreover, it is included in spearheading exploration on English and mainly English Language Teaching in Sri Lanka.

Vision Postgraduate Institute of English 

To be a innovator, distinguished for academics brilliance and exploration in English Language Teaching and English Education, bettering professional and pedagogical abilities across the country to fulfill transforming requirements..

Mission Postgraduate Institute of English

To offer possibilities for and assist brilliance in English Language Teaching and English Education at postgraduate level through scholarship or grant and research; through impacting on the advancement and rendering of national policy in English Language Teaching and English Education, and by offering new direction to English studies at countrywide level.

Postgraduate Institute of English Programmes

Programmes of Study


This programme is planned for teachers of English and teacher educators at the extra and also the tertiary level.
Aims of the MA in TESL
The aspires of this program are to acquire

  • Information and comprehending of fashionable theories, strategies issues and methods in English Language Teaching (ELT).
  • The capacity to undertake and execute research on ELT and disseminate research details.

Courses, Credit Rating & Duration
The programme is composed of 42 credit units of program work and 18 credit units for the dissertation. A COURSE is a device of study usually finished within a span of a single year.
Programs are rated matching to credit score units. One credit unit is equivalent to 25 hours of study.
The MA in TESL takes a minimum of 2 years to finished. The MA should be finished within 7 years of 1st registration.

Postgraduate Institute of English Courses

The MA in TESL comprises of lessons work and a dissertation to be concluded within a minimum of 2 years, not specifically consecutive. The course work contains Core Programs, Optional courses and Continuing Education courses as is a follower of:
Core Courses:
ELM1301 (ELP1301 / LSP2301)
The Psycho – Social context of Teaching/Learning English in Sri Lanka
ELM1201 (ELP1202 / LSP2202)
Applied Linguistics
ELM1202 (ELP1203 / LSP2203)
Issues and Developments in Methodology
ELM1203 (ELP1204 / LSP2204)
Testing and Evaluation
ELM1101 (ELP1101 / LSP2101)
Teaching Grammar and the Four Skills
ELM1102 (ELP1102 / LSP2102)
Curriculum and Materials Design
Optional Courses:
ELM1103 (ELP 1103 / LSP2103)
Technology in ELT
ELM1104 (ELP1104 / LSP2104)
Management in ELT
ELM1105 (ELP1105 / LSP2105)
Teacher Development and Supervision
Provision of Optional courses will depend on the availability of staff.
Continuing Education Courses
ELM2101 (ELP1106 / LSP2106)
Research Methods and Design
ELM2102 (ELP1107 / LSP2107)
Research Communication
ELM2601 (ELP1601 / LSP2601)
Those who with success comprehensive the Core programs AND 01 (One) Optional course AND BOTH Continuing Education courses, will be able to go on to the following stage of the programme, i. e. a research dissertation not beyond 15, 000 words.
Please note that some programs will be established by an online component.

Postgraduate Institute of English Evaluation

Continuous Assessment (CA) & Final EvaluatioA student’s improvement is evaluated frequently throughout the course by indicates of a particular number of ASSIGNMENTS and at the end of the program by means of a Final Evaluation. The finalized evaluation part may be made up of written analysis or of Projects/Project Reports.
Students are envisioned to submit a specified number of responsibilities for each course. These will be left a comment on, marked and graded before they are came back to the student.
These challenges form an integral part of the study system of the Open University and may also include tests, field work, practical work, minor research inspections etc. based on the course.
The scheme of constant assessment for each program in the MA in TESL is mentioned in Table 1 below.

Course No. of Assignments for CA Nature of Final Evaluation
ELM1301 (ELP1301/LSP2301) 02 Written Examination
ELM1201 (ELP1202/LSP2202) 02 Written Examination
ELM1202 (ELP1203/LSP2203) 02 Project/Report
ELM1203 (ELP1204/LSP2204) 02 Project/Report
ELM1101 (ELP1101/LSP2101) 02 Project/Report/Oral Presentation
ELM1102 (ELP1102/LSP2102) 02 Project/Report
ELM1104 (ELP1104/LSP2104) 01 Project/Report
ELM2101 (ELP1106/LSP2106) 01 Research Presentation
ELM2102 (ELP1107/LSP2107) 01 Research Presentation

The final mark (Overall mark) for each course is determined by a combination of the Continuous Assessment mark (40%) and the final evaluation mark (60%).

Postgraduate Institute of English Eligibility

Eligibility to continue to the end-of course final evaluation is structured on receiving the recommended mark in the constant examination component of the program.

  • From 1st January 2010, the OUSL Senate has made a decision that the eligibility mark for a program will be valid for a period of 3 years only.
  • Students unable to get eligibility to sit the final analysis for a course will have to re-register for that course, and repeat the assignments.
  • Students who have attained eligibility but are non-connected at the final assessment for a course may re-attempt the final examination as re-sit applicants. Such applicants need not obtain eligibility for that program again.

Postgraduate Institute of English Resources

Library Facilities

PGIE students are estimated to register at the main library at the OUSL Colombo Regional Centre which is start to all students during week days from 9. 00 am to 7. 00 pm. During weekends and particular arrest holidays, it is open from 8. 30 am to 6. 00 pm.
The library also offers computer facilities for PGIE students. You are suggested to contact the librarian Dr. W. M. Seneviratne for such conveniences.

Online Courses

ELM2601 – Dissertation
This course (18 credit units) consists the execute of a exploration study and the demonstration of this study as a dissertation for the MA in TESL.
The online portion of the course requires negotiations of progress and of issues that hinder improvement on the dissertation.
ELM2101 – Research Methodology
This course (6 credit units) along with ELP 2102(Research Communication), is designed to assist the writing of the dissertation.
The online component of this course is conducted as a supplementary course that supports the face-to-face component.

Test on English Proficiency 2009

The Test of English Skills is a undertaking carried out by the Post Graduate Institute of English, Open University of Sri Lanka in combination with the Department of Language Studies of the Open University. The opportunity of the project was to consider the English language talents of a sample of 50 students each from 12 national universities and 2 non-public sector tertiary level institutions, all of which were granted Quality Enhancement Funds by the World Bank funded Project for the Enhancement of Relevance and Quality of Post Graduate Institute of English (PGIE) Education (IRQUE Project).
The total sample populace to be thus evaluated was 1350 students.
The project initiated on 15th January 2009 and was accomplished by 31st May 2009.
Information of contributing institutions and record analyses of Test results per language expertise are annexed.
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