UET Peshawar Admission 2021 Last Date to Apply Form, Eligibility

UET Peshawar Admission 2021 Last Date to Apply Form, Eligibility

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A very cozy delightful to the UET Peshawar admission website. I expect this offers you a substance of what we are all with regards to.
Positioned at the entry to Central Asian Republics, in the 2500 years old historical city of Peshawar, our UET Peshawar offers a rich social multiplicity, and is rich in cultures of hospitality, valor and frontier impress.
We are pretty pleased to show off a seat of higher finding out in the engineering sciences in a geo-political area that has, of late, been in the news for other motives. From the classic to the slicing edge, we present a wide spectrum of engineering disciplines to students in our four campuses around NWFP.
UET Peshawar Admission
We consider engineers should be centrally set in policy generating at all levels, and that is why our training sharply focuses on establishing leadership abilities. This method our graduates take their very related technical knowledge, and power it into a potent tool for ecological advancement of the country.

UET Peshawar Admission 2021 Last date And Fee Structure:

Important Admission Date for B.Sc Engineering, BSCS, BS in Architecture Program 2021

  • Admission Starts from 2nd June
  • Last Date of Online Registration 06 July upto 04:00 PM
  • Entrance Test 02 August at 08:00 AM
  • Display of Entrance Test 03 August
  • Apply On-line for Test and pay Rs 1500/- in any branch of UBL Ltd in Acnt Title UET Admission Fee, ACNT Number 2055055229 Last date
  • After Fee Submission you get 9 digits transaction number which include 4 digit of bank branch and 5 digits transaction. Insert these digits in on-line Application Forma and get you admit card.

UET Peshawar Admission Engineering Departments:

UET Peshawar Admission Entrance Test Centres:
Student who pass FSc from relevant board should appear in their own selection center which is mentioned below:

  • Abbottabad/AJK & Gilgit Baltistan Boards center is Abbottabad Centre, Ayub Medical College.
  • Peshawar, Mardan, Kohat, Boards centre is Peshwar Centre Islamai Collegiate Ground, Cricket Ground.
  • Swat & Malakand Boards, centre is Swat Center.
  • DI Khan & Bannu Boards, DI Khan Center (Grassy Ground, Wensam College, Gomal University)
  • Federal and all other Boards eligible to appear in any center.

Student having domicile of FATA, AJK & Northern Areas (GB) and KPK only eligible to apply for ETEA Test.
There are several exercises at UET Peshawar admission for students to select from. These are reinforced by well prepared laboratories, departmental research, and a central library, sports facilities and enough dormitory housing to house all students that require campus housing.
New projects are in the pipeline that include commencing new technologies, national level centers for research, impressive programs to expand built-up area, defining of departments, particularly laboratories, and a major face-lift and enhancement of the prevailing national infrastructure.

  • Agricultural
  • Basic Sciences & Islamiyat
  • Computer Sciences & Information Technology
  • Computer System
  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • Electrical
  • Industrial
  • Mechanical
  • Mechatronics
  • Mining
  • Academic Organization
  • Academic Programs
  • Course Catalog

Department of Agriculture:

The major task of Agricultural Eng is to apply technological and Eng tools to increase agriculture production, improve product quality and increase system efficiency while preserving the quality of the environment.
Agricultural Engineering is used for new land development and thereby increase corp yield. It is responsible for enhancing agricultural production by optimizing irrigation, drainage and soil convertion. The rapidly expanding world needs food and agricultural raw materials, together with the requirement to conserve, preserve and efficiently use agricultural resources.
Agricultural Engineers boost systems that involve machinery, food processing techniques and efficient ways to conserve water resources of the country. Environmental and social problems are the part of this new dimension.

Department of Agriculture Academic Programs:

The UET Peshawar Department of Agriculture Engineeringdepartment offers the following degree programs:

  • B.Sc Agricultural
  • M.Sc Agricultural
  • Ph.D Agricultural

Department of Basic Sciences & Islamiyat:

The Department of Basic Sciences and Islamiat is 1 of the essential departments of NWFP University of Engineering and Technology. It offers assist to all technologies and disciplines of the UET Peshawar conditions of engineering disciplines in importing basic sciences education and learning.


The Department’s objective is to assist in delivering Engineers with a powerful backdrop information of basic sciences. The faculty members are remarkably qualified, vast majority of them having M. Phil qualification while 3 of them hold Ph. D qualification. 3 faculty members are presently subsequent their Ph. D studies. The programs of Pakistan Studies and Islamiat are educated with the ambitions to inculcate integrity and patriotism in the students.

Department of Computer Sciences & Information Technology:

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology provides under graduate programs contributing to the honour of Bachelor of Science degrees in computer science and information technologies.
The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology looks forward to full assist of the engineering departments. Students work in laboratories outfitted with state-of-the-art computer systems operating a wide range of programs and specialised software assisting the programs.
The Department firmly encourages the notion of using contemporary audio visible supports to greatly enhance the finding out abilities of students and offers them a revitalizing and demanding atmosphere essential for high excellent education.
The graduates of this Department will have the ability to match the highest standards of teaching for authority in computer science and information technology and to cash in on the enormous IT market of the 21st century.

UET Peshawar Admission Academic Programs:

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology offers the following two degrees:

  • BS (Computer Science)
  • BS (Information Technology)

Department of Computer System:

The Department of Computer Systems Engineering(previously referred to as Computer Information System Engineering) was organized as an self-sufficient Center for Computer Information Systems Engineering backside in the year 2000 in purchase to help match the demand for educated and experienced manpower in Details and Communication Technologies. The department was 1st of its kind in the public sector in N-W. F. P. and captivated the top merited student candidates. Current many years have experienced dramatical rise in the number of institutes presenting education in Details and Communication Technologies thus generating it more robust for institutes to entice quality student candidates. But regardless of this fact we have never been a challenging selection for our candidates as the number of applications that we be given each year has been on the rise. Our graduates chasing professional careers and higher education both locally and in foreign countries, have viewable superiority and earned enormous praise in their respected fields.
The Computer Systems Eng program reveals our students to a wide range of know-how areas and slicing edge finding out possibilities in this most interesting and exciting area of engineering and applied sciences. Due to the high frequency alterations in information and communication technologies we provide our students with the sound knowledge of the engineering that styles these technologies. It lends our students the flexibility to change to the ever adjusting technologies and secures for them a strong position in the highly aggressive job sector.

Academic Programs:

The department offers the following degree programs:

  • B.Sc Computer Systems
  • M.Sc Computer Systems

Department of Chemical:

The objective of the chemical Eng departmental at NWFP-UET is to be a national leader in chemical engineering exploration and to accomplish brilliance in educating. Our chemical Eng graduates are our product, who then go after careers in industry, enter the UET Peshawar educating and research arena, or utilize their cerebral abilities in an significantly varied set of other additions to the international contemporary culture.
Chemical Eng is the branch of engineering, which combines the basic sciences with Eng understanding and design concepts to acquire, design, analyze and engineer the industrial techniques and plants that turn raw products into priceless items. These techniques must be attained in a cut-throat economy and eco safe manner to set up products, which are helpful and crucial to the modern world. Chemical Engineering science is based upon the concepts of mass, momentum, and heat transfer, thermodynamics and chemical kinetics. Chemical engineers are incredibly functional and able to take care of a wide range of practical problems.
Academic Programs:
The department offers the following degree programs:

  • B.Sc Chemical Engineering
  • M.Sc Chemical Engineering

Department of Civil

The programs of study foremost to the Degree of B. Sc Civil Engineering have been structured to present a wide-ranging spectrum of civil Eng subjects. The time frame of classes is spread over 4 years. They always Islamic Studies, Basic Sciences, the programs in civil engineering lays importance on design of structures, irrigation, geo-technical, transportation Eng and hydraulics.
The recommend syllabus and examination ordinary compare favorably with the ordinary of under-graduate work produced like the U. K, USA and Canada.
The Civil Eng Department provides Post-Graduate Program with specialty area in Structure Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Geographical Engineering. The program is of 2 years length of time for full time students. The department has discovered computers and latest apparatus for laboratories to match the research and other necessity for the Post-Graduate Program.

Academic Programs

The department offers the following degree programs:

  • B.Sc Civil
  • M.Sc Civil
  • Ph.D Civil

Department of Electrical:

Considering the last 100 Years, the field of Electrical Eng has offered greatly toward a variety of designs, and inventions. Its direct have an effect on on other fields of science and Eng and human civilization as a whole cannot be disregarded. In actual fact many advancements and innovations in other fields of engineering are directly relevant to Electrical Engineering.
The Department provides programs foremost to Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Communication Engineering and Electrical power Engineering. Students are subjected to to wide-ranging theoretical principles, and also at laboratories for practical comprehending of the subject.

Academic Programs:

UET Peshawar Admission Bachelors Program:
The Department provides a rigorous 4-year Degree Program mostly based on Mathematics, Electronics (Analog & Digital) and Communications Electronics along with Power eng. subjects. The wide-ranging based theoretical research is then absolutely tutored in well-equipped Labs in every subject. At this degree the Department has got 2 disciplines one for Electronic Communication and the other, Electrical Power Engineering.
Postgraduate Program (Research):
At postgraduate level the Department provides M. Sc. and Ph. D programmers both in Electronic Communication and Electrical Power Engineering. The places of effective research include Biomedical Engineering, Electronic Devices and Materials, Intelligent Systems, Microelectronics and Computer Systems, Nano-engineering, Photonics Systems, Power Systems Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Systems and Control, Telecommunications and Signal processing. This offers graduates an unparallel benefits in both technical abilities and cerebral discipline to come to be leaders in conquering the difficulties of modern technological developments.

Department of Industrial:

Industrial (IE) is a domain that integrates the technical, human, and management facets of today’s sophisticated products and techniques. It is at the heart of the systems that are important to our society. From airlines to online retailers, from hospitals to brands, from telecommunication companies to world-wide shipping charges companies, industrial engineers design solutions to improve the operation of complex systems of people, technology, and information. In fact, the require for any difficult organization to improve its performance and production through scientific investigation has produced a high requirement for Industrial Engineers and made it one of the speediest developing career fields.
The Industrial Engineer is concerned in developing or enhancing major systems that cover the total organisation, whether in the governmental or non-public sectors, or in the developing or service industries. Subsequently, an Industrial Engineer is often in make contact with with persons from many sections of the ooganization. With their education and experience, Industrial Engineers acquire a international view of many inter-relevant operations essential to produce a firm’s goods and services.

Academic Programme:

The department offers the following degree programs:

  • B.Sc Industrial
  • M.Sc Industrial

Department of Mechanical:

The information of mechanical is used to create useful goods and equipment for society. This can range from a device no more than a catheter which is injected into the human body, to a fax equipment or printer, to a modern jet engine, to as large as a power plant for a main city.
Mechanical includes the creation, alteration, transmission, and utilization of mechanical and thermal energy. This comprises design, construction, and operation of all kinds of mechanical and thermal devices and systems. Of all the engineering disciplines, Mechanical provides the greatest width, mobility, and personality. Indeed, Mechanical education is an suitable prep for doing work and residing in a technological world.
Academic Programs:
The Department is currently offering the following programs.

  • B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
  • Ph.D Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechatronics Engineering:

Mechatronics is defined as “the synergetic collaboration of precision mechanical engineering, electronics control and systems pondering in the design and style of products and techniques”. It is an promising multi-disciplinary field of engineering, incorporating parts of mechanical engineering, electronics, and computer engineering. The applications of Mechatronics include 2 major areas: computer-controlled manufacturing machinery, such as CNC machines, automatic materials managing systems, AGV’s, robots, PLCs, etc. and “smart products” that incorporate microprocessors, such as modem cameras, photocopying equipment, washing machines, mobile phones, camcorders, different motor vehicle systems, etc. All of these machines have mechanised parts but really rely on electronics and computers for their working. Students accepted to this more focused study all the basic programs of mechanical eng but specialised courses in Mechatronics. The first 4 semesters of Mechatronics are common with Mechanical Engineering. Later, programs in Electronics, Microcontrollers, and Robotics are learnt.

Academic programme:

The Department is currently offering the following programs.

  • B.Sc. Mechanatronics

Department of Mining:

Mining is 1 of the a lot of accelerating industries today structured on its reliance on the state-of-the-art technology for the supply of basic raw elements to other industries. Mineral sector is actively playing a crucial role in the economic uplift of the NWFP Province. It offers raw materials for a number of mineral structured industries which includes development, power, mechanical, electrical, ceramics, paints, etc.
The graduates of this Department are carried out in the public sector which includes Directorate General of Mines and Minerals, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC), Oil and Gas Development Corporation Ltd (OGDCL), and a variety of other non-public corporations like cement developing operations and other exploration relevant projects.
Academic Programes
The Department offers following academic engineering programs:

  • B.Sc. in Mining
  • M.Sc in Mining
  • Ph.D in Mining

UET Peshawar Admission Fee Structure:

UET Peshawar admission and 2 semesters fee and funds for the academics year are payable in advance at the time of admission to B. Sc. Engineering classes. The applicants shall not be authorized to sit in the UET Peshawar examination if they have any debts to be paid.

  • The admission fee and other clients charges, once lodged with the UET Peshawar shall not be credited under any conditions except in case of the death of an admitted student, transpiring before the beginning of the classes. In such case refund of the admission fee and other user charges shall be permitted.
  • In event a student is transported from one discipline to another during the adjusting of seats, the fees and other user charges shall be modified necessary.
  • If a student publicly stated under self sustained basis, cancels his/her admission before the beginning of classes, 75% of the self-sustained fee shall be refundabl

The subsequent UET Peshawar fee structure will be affective from the Academic year 2005-2006 onwards for all the fresh entry.

Central Library

NWFP UET has a central Library which caters to the studying requirements of the students and faculty. The Library provides facilities to students to accessibility electronic journals under “Digital Library Programme”, an HEC funded undertaking for public and non-public universities. At current there are 14, 0000 reference books accessible in the Library. All text books are granted to students for the timeframe of their study. With the exception of for referrals books, all other books and magazines can also be assimilated.

Health Care Service:

Students requesting medical interest are referenced to the Lady Reading Hospital, Khyber Teaching Hospital and Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar. Medical treatment to students is free, and so is the ambulance convince  to and fro.

Computer Services:

All our students have accessibility to high-speed personal computers and the online. UET is one of the 1st public sector educational institutions which is presenting “video conferencing”. All campuses are pc-linked through a high-speed high speed broadband intranet/internet connectivity. Students can gain access to the internet for research, and download more than 14 thousand complex magazines from the Digital Library.
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Official Website: UET Peshawar

Founded: 1980

Type: Public

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