University of Bahrain Admission

University of Bahrain Admission

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University of Bahrain

About University of Bahrain

The University of Bahrain (informally Bahrain University), a public university in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is the most significant University of Bahrain in Bahrain. In posting-nominals the University of Bahrain is usually abbreviated as UoB.University of Bahrain is mostly, but not specifically, an undergraduate institution giving postgraduate programs under precise circumstances.

University of Bahrain Colleges

The University of Bahrain now consists of 9 colleges:

  • College of Arts.
  • College of Business Administration.
  • College of Education.
  • College of Information Technology.
  • College of Law.
  • College of Science.
  • College of Engineering.
  • College of Applied Studies.
  • Bahrain Teachers College (BTC).

University of Bahrain Admissions

University of Bahrain Admission Procedure

  • The procedure of the admission, enrollment and academics counseling has successful role in the informative methods.
  • The University of Bahrain is eager on turning into a exclusive supplier of qualified graduates to function our homeland.
  • The University of Bahrain appreciated all students and organized them to exceed in all fields and offered them with full direction throughout their academics life.
  • This booklet consists of essential details that will assist in student efficiency and create him acquire ways to achievements and fineness to engage life with assurance and proficiency to perform their role in creating the country, positioning in the hands of this booklet is essential stems from the value of details and guidelines that are involved in, and the require of the student for this details that must be expertise of and admittance to it to be able to socialize with the University of Bahrain atmosphere.
  • The Deanship of Admission and Registration confirms that all students need to read the contents of this booklet carefully and deliberately to familiarize themselves with the content. Ignoring these regulations and rules does not exempt students from I these obligations. With our best wishes.

University of Bahrain Deanships

The sort of tasks that the Deanship of Admission and Registration accountable of is making it the 1st entry that the graduated student from the secondary school gets by way of to enter the University of Bahrain, where the student is becoming admitted in one of its academics programs, based on the standards that chose by the University of Bahrain Council. Also, the Deanship is accountable of comply with up the student during his study and recommend him until the graduation to commence the profession life later or proceed the high study. Consequently, the deanship’s accountability makes it one of the most essential organizations in the university, due to the fact it deals with 3 sides, the Student, the Academics Facility Member and the of bahrain
The Deanship of Admission and Enrollment consists of 3 departments that there tasks is to assist the student, and these departments are:

  • Department of Admission and Students Affairs.
  • Department of Registration and Academic Advising.
  • Department of Information Data Analysis and Statistics.

Contact Us

  • Student Information Centre
  • P.O. Box 33349, Isa Town
  • Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Phone: +973 1789 7000
  • Fax: +973 1789 7009
  • Email:

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Official Site: University of Bahrain
Founded: 1986
Type: Public

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