Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar Admission

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar Admission

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Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar

About Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar has been defined as the 1st truly American university, on bill of its founders’ innovative egalitarian and functional ideas of higher education. It was founded in 1865 by Ezra Cornell, farmer, mechanic and informative pioneer, and Andrew Dickson White, who functioned as the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar 1st president.

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar Education Programs

  • Pre-medical Program
  • Medical Program

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar Admissions

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar Admission Requirements

Listed below are the requirements to apply for admission to the Pre-Medical Program.

  • Secondary School Completion
  • Standardized Tests
  • Personal Statement
  • Letters of Reference
  • Interviews
Secondary School Completion

The comparative of an American college preparatory education, which includes demanding ‘Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar preparatory’ or superior mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics and additional relevant subjects.
Most effective feasible Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar preparatory curriculum available within the candidates school system (candidates are envisioned to finished A Level exams in British schools, AP exams in American schools, and HL exams in IB schools).

  • Graduation with excellent educational merit.
Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar Standardised Tests
  • College Entry Examinations
    Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar

    Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar

  • SAT Reasoning Test or ACT with Writing.
  • SAT Subject Tests are endorsed in Mathematics Level II and 2 related sciences.

We do not use minimal scores as complete cutoffs in selection applications. On the other hand, academics superiority is envisioned. Complete academic durability is supported by high standardised test scores coupled with other efficient signs, for example secondary school grades.
Appropriate scores on English language skills examinations (see below) do not substitute for acceptable scores on the looking at and creating components of the SAT or ACT.

English Language Skills Examinations

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Testing System).
A student who does not accomplish a 600 or over in the Critical Reading segment of the SAT or who does not score 25 or higher on the English part of the ACT must take an English Skills test. The subsequent tests are regarded as suited measures of English ability: the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and the IELTS (International English Language Testing System).
Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar identifies that foreign students of the greatest caliber may not have accomplished the essential language abilities by the end of their secondary studies. These kinds of students are cautioned to sign on in an suitable extensive English language program.

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar Personal Statement

All candidates should post a individual assertion that addresses his or her fascination in and inspiration for a career in medicine. Due to the fact there is no set collaboration of grade-point average and standardised test scores that will guarantee admission to our program, our Committee looks beyond these numbers. We look for candidates who can illustrate that they have taken maximum advantage of possibilities, who care about their community, and who have produced special abilities in other areas above their academic studies. Ultimately, a individual statement should reflect such characteristics as:

  • Enthusiasm to enter medicine
  • Maturity and stability
  • Cerebral potential
  • Leadership qualities
  • Love of studying
  • Durability of character
  • Special abilities or talents
  • Achievements
  • Diligence and dedication
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Sense of fairness
  • Compassion
Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar Letters of Reference

All candidates should post a minimum of 2 letters of referrals written in English. One by their science/math teachers and one by their principals/college advisors. The a lot of useful letters give specific suggestions of the candidates academics determination and abilities (indicators of possible success) and of the individual qualities or achievements that make the applicant distinctive. You should ask writers to use the forms offered within the on-line application.


Candidates whose qualifications best fulfill our assortment criteria will be asked to appear for individual interviews. Candidates asked to seem for interviews must be involved in this procedure to be able to be regarded as for acclaim. All interviews are held in Doha, Qatar.

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar Applying for Medical Programs

In compliance with Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar policies, we search for candidates who uphold the maximum academic and personal criteria and whom the Committee on Admissions feels are best organized for future leadership roles in medicine. In retaining with the principles of the Weill Cornell Medical College, we search for students with excellent academic achievements who have also confirmed excellent individual initiative. Such motivation may take the form of command, creativity, research, community service, motivation, or other life encounters.
The training of medicine involves the highest level of individual integrity. The Committee seeks candidates whose personas are acquiring in a way conducive to the best practice of medicine. This comprises of emotional maturity, personal depth, determination to others‘ well being, and meaning honesty.

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar Contact Us

  • +974 4492-8500

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Founded: 1865
Type: Public

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